CAPE Cooperative Society
Liquid food transportation.

Excellence and reliability for on-time pickup and delivery of your product

We take care of your products professionally

We guarantee maximum protection for the quality and integrity of your goods during transport, in accordance with ATP regulations.

Alcoholic and viticultural

Wine, beer, alcohol, vinegar must,lees

Oils and fats

Refined oils, crude oils, fish oil, fats

Dietary juices

Fruit purees and other perishable food liquids

Dairy products

Milk, butter, cream, yogurt, kefir


Molasses, glucose, puree, cocoa butter, chocolate

Other food liquids

Glycerin, soy lecithin, lysine


For companies, partners, and outside transportation firms.

Tanker truck wash

Our specialized food liquid tank washing service is SQAS certified and also caters to outside firms.

Liquid trucking

Thanks to our high level of expertise, we are a leader in the transport of liquids from collection at manufacturing companies to transport to processing industries.

Logistics and administrative assistance

A service for members only: we provide administrative support for order management and logistics and transportation planning.

equipped vehicles

km on the road every day

satisfied customers

Sectors of use

We have been serving the food industry for 40 years

We have thermoconditioned food transport tanks available, ideal for transporting sparkling white wine, new wine in fermentation, fresh wine must, food concentrates, vegetable oils, milk, food juices, fruit purees and other perishable food liquids.

All vehicles are equipped with Diesel Euro 6 engines in compliance with anti-pollution standards, and equipped with the latest generation of satellite GPS devices, which allow for greater safety of the goods, the vehicle and the driver.

Transportation and safe washing

Why rely on CAPE?


C.A.P.E. is located in the heart of Emilia Romagna, just a few kilometers from the Faenza highway exit. The Cooperative's strategic location makes it easy to reach all of Italy.


We follow specific procedures for tank washing to ensure safe transfers of food liquids. We offer high quality standards that are SQAS certified.


We guarantee fast and reliable delivery time, offering shipping service within the stipulated time frame. Our experienced carriers ensure reliable and on-time delivery service.


Tanks used for transportation are made of durable materials and designed to maintain the constant temperature of the liquids inside and prevent contamination.