C.A.P.E. SOC.COOP. spreads out a surface of 7000. 1200 sq.m are covered and used as motor vehicles parking area, 600 are assigned to the equipping warehouse, and 200 to the offices. A diesel pump and a lubricating oil pump are at the partners’ disposal; another area is intended for the vehicles washing. To sum up, the partners are provided with managerial, logistic and administrative assistance thanks to the presence of skilled workers placed in the offices of the company unit.

Tanker truck wash

Our specialized food liquid tank washing service is SQAS certified and also caters to outside firms.

Liquid trucking

Thanks to our high level of expertise, we are a leader in the transport of liquids from collection at manufacturing companies to transport to processing industries.

Logistics and administrative assistance

A service for members only: we provide administrative support for order management and logistics and transportation planning.