It is 1983, a group composed of a dozen brave entrepreneurs from Faenza decides to team up: C.A.P.E. SOC. COOPERATIVA, (Cooperativa autotrasporti prodotti enologici) a company dedicated exclusively to the transport of wine products for the many social wineries in the area and in particular for the distillery Caviro S.c.r.l. in Faenza (RA).
As the years went by and the market evolved, C.A.P.E. Soc. Coop. decided to expand, including new entrepreneurs as members and differentiating its services, an increasingly large, solid and structured reality, which, however, never gives up its founding values based on democracy and equality among members.

To date, the cooperative consists of:

more than thirty member trucking companies;
more than fifty state-of-the-art tanker trucks owned by members;
a fleet of vehicles for dedicated services (waste, ADR goods).

All vehicles are equipped with Diesel Euro 6 engines in compliance with anti-pollution regulations, and equipped with the latest generation of satellite GPS devices, which allow for greater safety of the goods, the vehicle and the driver.

Despite having the characteristic of a cooperative dedicated to the transportation of wine products, the large and diversified fleet of machines (tanks equipped with pumps or compressors) and the great demand for services, has allowed us to diversify the type of product transported, while maintaining the peculiarity of a liquid food trucking company.

Thus, in addition to wine, we also handle fruit purees, fats, crude and refined oils, milk and dairy products; in addition, thanks to a dozen tanks dedicated exclusively to special transports, dangerous goods under ADR, and waste are also transported.

The transport of liquid foodstuffs by road takes place mainly domestically, but sometimes also abroad; of particular note in recent years has been the activity of naval transshipment at various ports in the Adriatic area.

In 2017, C.A.P.E. Soc. Coop. seeing the increase in work volumes, decided to make an unprecedented investment by building its first tank washing, cleaning and sterilization plant. The state-of-the-art plant, located in a total area of 800sqm, is developed on two washing tracks with competent and specialized personnel exclusively dedicated to the service.

Punctuality, precision, high HACCP cleaning standards and attention to the value of the services offered

These are the principles by which the washing facility is operated in order to ensure the best for our members and the carriers who use the washing station. Our services have obtained SQAS certification, which ensures quality, safety and industrial hygiene, environmental commitment and security during all stages of washing.

“The great strength of our cooperative lies in the men and women who make it up and are its beating heart. The group of members and the operations office create a perfect synergy between planning, field work and administrative management that allows us to achieve important goals, growing day by day.

We pay special attention to the entry of new members, as well as to the recruitment, training and professional and personal growth of motivated young people.”

C.A.P.E. Soc. Coop. has decided to focus on young people, which is why in recent years the generational change has brought to the “control room” a young and ambitious team (with an average age of about 30) marked by a high degree of training and specialization, always committed to continuous growth, both educational and in the field.

“We invest and believe in young girls and boys because they are our future. We blindly believe that more inclusive companies are able to create higher value, a value that is not limited purely to the economic sphere. For this reason, in addition to the principle of equality among partners, and within offices, in our reality we try to integrate the principles of gender equality and respect for diversity into the medium/long-term corporate objectives through the adoption of specific KPIs inherent to these policies in our organization.”

THE C.A.P.E. Soc. Coop, in 2023 reaches 40 years of activity: 40 years of passion, 40 years of experience, 40 years of hard work.

“Our history has allowed us to create value in the territory, our daily commitment allows us to maintain it, our future-oriented mentality will allow us to renew and grow without ever losing sight of our founding principles, in this complex and dynamic endless game.”